Archaic Hebrew: branch of a grapevine.

From soil to bottle. The product of time, patience and passion
rewards the drinker with the fruit of hard labor and love.

Our name embodies both what we do and who we are. Carefully curated wine for the discerning palate. Each bottle has been tried and selected upon careful consideration, to guarantee it meets our high standards.

Our goal was to establish an environment that caters to all of your senses, Soreiku sets itself apart as a destination that provides you with an impressive selection, knowledgeable staff and a host of other services, such as free weekly tastings, free local delivery and more.

Visit our beautiful shop, and feel the “Soreiku experience”.

We thank you for your continued patronage.

Thanks for being part of the Soreiku Liquors community. We want to give everyone in the US the chance to discover their new favorite wine. Since 2015, people like you have been turning to people like us to save time, money and energy ordering their wine online. If you don't believe us, ask one of the 50,000 Soreiku Liquors customers who purchased last year alone and keep coming back for more!

Wow! 50,000 customers! Why so many?

We care a lot about wine, and we care even more about you. It's our goal to help each and every wine lover in the country find their new favorite wine.

How are we doing that?

Not only are we the largest kosher wine retailer in the country, we have a line of exclusive imports and private labels that you can not buy anywhere else. We're excited about bringing new wines to market and discovering new wines.